A variety of options to fit your financial needs

  1. Per session and package training sessions
    Single session: $49 5 sessions: $47ea. 10 sessions: $45ea. 20+ sessions: $42ea. Ask about group rates. Financing available
  2. Monthly Personal Training membership
    3 Month, 6 month, and 12 month options. Sessions as low as $25. Schedule your complimentary consultation today 218-428-8197
  3. Nutritional Guidance services
    We show you how to prepare your grocery store food in a healthy manner. Give tips when eating out and show you examples of meal plans that work well with fitness. We are also here for the support you need with daily follow ups. We are not dieticians and do not prescribe meals. Always consult your physician before starting any wellness program.
  4. Certified Sports Hypnosis
    The mental state of athletes during training and competition is said to impact performance. Hypnosis is a form of mental training and can therefore contribute to enhancing athletic execution. Sports hypnosis is used by athletes, coaches and psychologists.